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Cyprus HomeCare Property Maintenance &

Technical Services.


Owning a property in Cyprus can be a little more challenging then you would think. Properties and homes here are not as maintenance free as we would like to believe!!


Electrical Breakdowns?

Air Conditioning Problems?

Plumbing and Heating Failure?


These problems will all add stress and discomfort to us and our guests!

We are dedicated to providing stress free solutions.


We offer long term protection for your property against:

…Damp, Mould & Weather Erosion!

 Maybe your investment just needs to be re decorated!!

 We will help you keep your property in good order and problem free!


Please feel free to browse our different sections for further information;

Please enjoy our website and thank you for your interest.

The Cyprus HomeCare Team



Here are some of the services that we offer, Please click on the picture to go to that section.


Our Decorating and Damproofing sections will advise you about some of the solutions that we can offer for keeping your home looking great.


Perhaps you have a plumbing problem that is causing damp or mould inside? Do you need an extra solar panel for a little extra hot water in the winter, or that noisy pressure pump looking at?

Our Electrical section will advise you about some of the services we provide whether it is to illuminate your garden with creative lighting or install a few extra sockets, maybe we can fit that ceiling fan that has been sat there all summer long?

The power went off unexpectedly and you didn’t know who to call? We deal with Emergency Breakdowns almost daily. swimming pool, pressure pumps and water heaters are just some of the things we regularly fix.

Our lightning protection section will explain how you can protect your property from thunder storms and its devastatingly costly effects.  Spikes and surges are often the reasons why things just break down. Why not find out how you can protect your electronic equipment from them?

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A thank you email from Graham Jones in souni for his central heating


Steve I would like to say on behalf of Derek to you and your pal Graham, thanks for a good job and have passed on your card to one of the other residents in Country Rose.  I am trusting that when it comes to using the system in ernest all will work well.  Have also advised Derek that he or the new residents should contact you when they come to purchase the first fill of gas, so the gas tank and system can be purged correctly and safely


Thanks again


alt="Cyprus HomeCare Painting"

Irene Goss Konia


Goss House
12 Annas Ma'hi Mara
Konia , Pafos

!7 th April 2004-04-16

I should like to thoroughly recommend the workmanship of Adrian

Holloway. He has just recently worked both inside and outside on my villa in konia and his work has been of the highest standard.

He is a thoroughly honest and delightful young man, extremely sincere and has taken on work which had been carried out before him and has completely restored it to a standard which the villa deserved.

I wish him every success in his future and know that he will continue to carry out his decorations to entire satisfaction of his future clients.

Irene S Goss


alt=" Cyprus HomeCare is value for money"

Lloyd Owens,

Director of pool and patio, Paphos


My wife and I have used you two guys over the three or four years that we have been living out here in Cyprus.  I Must say that you are the epitome of professionalism, good service and care and attention to detail.


With regard to Steve, there has never been an electrical problem that he has not been able to solve.  And we've had a few electrical problems in our time! Steve's workmanship is thorough, methodical and tidy...he works the way that all electrical tradesmen should work...but all too many don't.  Prices are very fair too...and much less than we have been

charged in the distant past, by tradesmen who didn't come close to Steve in terms of ability and quality of workmanship.


And when it comes to decorating, no-one but no-one can touch Ady!  I must be one of the fussiest of customers - a professional decorator's nightmare - and over the past forty years, I've got through a lot of painters and decorators. Usually they do one job...and then never again.  Ady is the only one who works the way that I do...and gives the same care and attention to detail as I do.  That's why we keep coming back to him.


…Full marks to both of you….  Anyone who offers customers the kind of service you two guys do is bound to succeed.  And you will!


Best regards


Lloyd Owens

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