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Planned Maintenance in Paphos Cyprus



Welcome to our planned maintenance section.


For air conditioning:

We have all heard that prevention is better than the cure, well in many cases that is true especially for mechanical equipment. When something is neglected it degrades, sometimes to a point where it breaks down completely. This is often the case with air conditioning and central heating systems.


We have developed a system where we can inform you that a service is due and get you booked in so that your important service is carried out in time


 As an example, during the summer we are called out to air conditioning units that are dripping water badly and often walls have become damaged. Sometimes we find units fitted above expensive electronic equipment like TV’s and audio equipment causing damage, or even above a bed and the dripping has woken the client.


More often the refrigerant has leaked or become ineffective, this would have been attended to during a routine check or service, costing only the price of the service, now it is likely that there may be an emergency call out fee or even remedial works.



Our air conditioning program comes into two categories please click the link below that you are interested in:

Air conditioning reminder program for permanent residents

Air conditioning reminder program for holiday home owners

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For central heating:

Central heating is no different, there are many moving parts that can wear out or may need re-calibrating, filters that should have been cleaned and efficiency checks made to make sure that everything is safe.



So what is our planned maintenance all about?


Firstly, we will get your systems working again and become familiar with the equipment.

We will record the service in a ‘service book’ or with central heating on a record card, and we will take details for our own records such as part numbers, nozzle sizes, and 

​and capacitor replacement sizes ETC. We will also log any repairs made at that time.


We will enter your service into our system and contact you to confirm your details.

You will be contacted by email about your pending service before it is due. We can then arrange a suitable appointment.

Lastly, within this program we will give you a reward for your loyalty to us this we will state this in your service book or record card.


And remember, a service record is also useful if you are trying to sell your property to show that the property was cared for.

Our central heating program also comes into two categories please click the link below that you are interested in:

Central Heating reminder program for permanent residents

Central Heating reminder program for holiday home owners