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Air Conditioning Installations



The outdoor unit will be installed on anti vibration feet or a wall mounted bracket the refrigeration pipes are then connected to the outdoor unit and the electrical isolator is fitted if possible. All the pipes are insulated and installed within a trunking where necessary. We like to keep the pipe work tidy


Just prior to the connection of the external unit, the freon pipes are flushed with an expensive agent to remove  any water and debris. Once the units are correctly coupled then the system is ready to be pressure tested, and then, ‘vacuumed down’ this is the most important part of the installation. The system will be internally vacuumed to remove all the air and contaminates before the Freon valves are opened. Air and moisture will create acid, that will corrode the unit and pipe work from the inside.


There are many installers who do not do vacuum the system they tend to purge the air out of the system releasing Freon into the atmosphere. In fact there are DIY units that come with instructions telling you to do this! This is wrong and totally illegal. In the United Kingdom you will receive a £10’000 fine if you are caught doing this.Once the system has been pressure tested & vacuumed the refrigerant is released, and the system is balanced and commissioned.We do strongly advise that adequate surge and spike protection is present to protect the sensitive electronics within the air conditioning units.

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