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Weather Protection. (published article in the Cyprus living magazine)

Steve Holloway November 2007



The theory of lightning


Benjamin Franklin (1707-1790) is generally considered to be the father of modern lightning protection theory. His celebrated kite experiment proving for the first time that storm clouds generate, hold and discharge static electricity.


Here in Cyprus we witness thunderstorms throughout the year but especially as the cooler months arrive bringing fantastic light shows and clearing the humidity. We recently witnessed some immense thunderstorms in the middle of October a few years ago


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alt="Air Conditioning Units"
How to use your air-con efficiently.

Steve Holloway May 2012


We have been asked countless times ’what is the best way to run our air conditioning without it costing the earth’. The principle of air conditioning is quite simple, it is the moving of warm air from inside of a building to the outside, and this system is very efficient. However if it is not used properly it can be costly to run. The majority of expats here come from the UK and over there you don’t really need air conditioning so we are not really educated in the way it works or how to get the most from it.  The majority of people here use their air conditioning by switching the air conditioning on and then set it to the lowest temperature possible, then either leave it running all night at 16 deg, or run it for a few hours to cool the room before bed. Neither of these options is efficient or very comfortable.


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alt="Air conditioning modes"


Air conditioning modes.

Steve Holloway June 2012


In this issue I will attempt to explain some of the modes that most common air conditioners have, please understand that because there are so many different makes of AC unit I can only cover the basic ones so lets start with the obvious.

Cooling mode   

Cooling mode is usually indicated with a small snowflake on the hand set, when you switch to this mode the indoor unit will fire up and the fan will start, this will test the temperature of the air in your room. If the room is too warm then the outdoor compressor will switch on and the cooling cycle will begin, when the room becomes cold enough the compressor will switch off and so on, however with most models the fan will operate continually.


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