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Central Heating Installations.

A Typical installation


We will visit the property for a survey, this enables us to correctly calculate the heat requirement of the property taking into account various factors, the radiator sizes are calculated and the boiler is chosen. If provisions are not installed the pipe runs have to be planned and calculated. We will always try to hide the piping however most of the time the pipes have to be run outside, they are insulated and enclosed in trunking for the sake of tidiness.

The radiators are fitted to the walls in their appropriate positions and the pipes are connected to them. We fit thermostatic radiator valves to give optimal control.

The boilers are usually installed within an out building of some description if there is no building available then we will have a fire proof aluminum one fabricated solely for the boiler.



We use Baxi Boilers for our installations they are efficient, quiet and quite compact. We have great support from our supplier if parts are needed in future years.


Hot water

Very often the boiler will need to heat the hot water cylinder on the roof this can be done in a few ways however sometimes the cylinder will need to be changed for one that has a heating interface coil built into it. however sometimes we can install a combination boiler and use the pre heated water from the cylinder and solar panels and then heat the water instantaneously but you do need to have a pressure pump installed to do this we will advise you of this during the survey.




Control and safety equipment (Important)

We are a company that does install a complete control pack in other words we will install the appropriate motorised zone valves, an extra, easy to use programmer with wall thermostat and a hot water thermostat. The reason that I mention this is because it is common practice with some companies and sole traders to eliminate these

important things from the system to lower their price, very often winning them the contract, but leaving the consumer with difficult to non existent control over the system. There are often other items missing such as electronic gas cut off detectors and various gas safety devices.



Our radiators are stylish with top grilles and side panels they come in single double and triple types, enamelled and white in colour.


Gas cylinder

The gas cylinder is rented from the gas company there is a one off payment at the beginning. Once installed the gas company has the responsibility for the cylinder so basically if there are any problems with it like rusting ect then it is down to them to maintain it. We will arrange the purchase and the installation of the cylinder on your behalf.


Commissioning of the system

Once all the pieces are in place the system will be pressure tested for leaks. We will then flush the system several times to get rid of contaminants.  A final fill will take place and

We will add an additive like fernox to help the system to keep clean. All the radiators will be balanced and the whole system tested.


Our engineers are Gas Safe Qualified  from England, the gas will be installed to uk and cypriot regulations, tested and signed off as if you were in the UK.



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