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For enquires about our Domestic Plumbing services please contact Steve during office hours via call or text on

 00357 99900696

or email us at any time via our contact page



We have been dealing with plumbing problems in Cyprus for many years now ranging from dripping taps to full Central Heating systems,


Emergency Breakdowns,


There is nothing worse then a plumbing breakdown, whether you have water pouring every where, heating systems that will not work on a cold day or you simply cannot get water out of your taps. All of these things are infuriating and usually need the assistance of an expert. What ever your problem we are here to help. Give us a call and we will get an engineer to you as soon as possible.


Below are some of the typical breakdowns that we encounter and some of the services that we offer


Domestic Plumbing in Paphos Cyprus

Water Heater Element Replacement

The water heater element is housed in the hot water storage cylinder. Generally the water systems are located on the roof complete with solar panels. However due to the High temperatures that the solar panels can generate and the hard water in Cyprus, the heating elements don't tend to last very long, we deal regularly with this problem. We are now offering a one year gaurantee with our replacement elements conditions apply.




alt=" Replacement of Water Heater Elements"
alt=" Soot Removal as part of a boiler service"
Central Heating Servicing


Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Poorly maintained or faulty boilers present a serious health risk to you and your family, because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


We can service both oil and gas boilers and set up a planned maintenance program to keep them in good order. Boiler servicing should be carried out at least once a year this will ensure that it will be ready for when the cool weather is upon us.


We carry out a full central heating systems check and boiler service as the normal. This involves a complete boiler service, cleaning and checking various switches, sensors and control devices. We also check radiator valves, bleed radiators, electrical controls and make sure that everything is in working order.


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Pressure Pumps


Pressure pumps & pressurisation systems
Pressure and booster pumps frequently breakdown because they are normally situated on the roof  and are not covered over. The sun and rain will deteriorate the pumps until they fail. When we replace pressure pumps we only use  high quality pumps and fittings  we can also offer  poly carbonate covers to protect your pump.


alt=" Installation and replacement of water pressure pumps"
alt="  Hot Water Solar System Installation"
Gravity to Pressure Conversions


Not all of the tower systems here are pressurised and sometimes it is hard to get enough water pressure for a decent shower. we can install a pressure system to combat this  however it often means that we have to replace the hot water cylinder because the working pressure is only rated at 1 bar or atmosphere so we need to install a cylinder that is capable of handling 10 bar. We usually like to survey first to see if the installed piping is also up to having a higher pressure.

Solar  Hot Water Systems


Most of the hot water in Cyprus is heated by the sun via solar panels. It’s environmentally friendly and free. We can replace broken solar panels, hot water cylinders, rusty tower frames or the complete solar tower. We can also install solar panels that are a little more discrete where by the hot water cylinder is located in a roof space and is fed from the solar panels using a pump and a differential thermostatic controller.


alt=" Gravity to pressure conversions"
alt="Bath and shower renovations"
Bath and Shower Room Renovations


A bathroom is not just a bathroom, it is a place to freshen up, soak away the tension and to generally relax and unwind.


Cyprus has many bathroom stores providing a large selection of fittings and fixtures. We can renew tired, old and antiquated styles with the bathroom of your choice. We can enhance the room with subtle lighting. Our fitters have fitted over 500 bathrooms in Cyprus in the 15 years that they have been here and many more back in the UK.


 Please contact us to arrange a survey


Pool Pump Repair Or Replacement


Swimming pool pumps tend to work hard here; they are often undersized and run for hours on end. This leads to worn bearings and overheating. We can deal with broken pumps by either replacing the pump for new or we can get them re conditioned, replacing the windings, bearings and various seals this is often better and can work out to be cheaper.


alt=" pool pump repair"
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