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Featured Services for the Autumn and Winter Season

alt="water heater element replacement"
Water Heater Element Replacement

The water heater element is housed in the hot water storage cylinder. Generally the water systems are located on the roof complete with solar panels. However due to the High temperatures that the solar panels can generate and the hard water in Cyprus, the heating elements don't tend to last very long, we deal regularly with this problem. We Charge €80 and give a 1 year warranty (paphos area only and conditions apply)




alt="Roof surveys "
Roof Surveys


Now is the time to make sure that the roof on your property is sound and watertight before the rains and storms set in. During the summer, dust and debris can build up and block drains leading to flooding within roof areas. Pigeons are also a great problem and this will also lead to blocked drains.

Some types of cheap roof felt and sealants can become damaged due to the summer sun and this can lead to leaks and water damage, cracked tiles, abutments and flashing also need to looked at in readiness for the winter. pleas visit our Damp Proofing  section for more details or give us a call.


Central Heating Servicing
alt=" Boiler servicing"


Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Poorly maintained or faulty boilers present a serious health risk to you and your family, because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


We can service both oil and gas boilers and set up a planned maintenance program to keep them in good order. Boiler servicing should be carried out at least once a year this will ensure that it will be ready for when the cool weather is upon us.


We carry out a full central heating systems check and boiler service as the normal. This involves a complete boiler service, cleaning and checking various switches, sensors and control devices. We also check radiator valves, bleed radiators, electrical controls and make sure that everything is in working order.


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alt="External weather protection"
External  Weather Protection & Decoration

The outside of our properties should look good but more importantly they need to provide protection from the harmful effects of the Sun, Wind and Heavy Rains. These elements will rapidly deteriorate the structure and ‘de-value’ your property.

Generally 80% of the external walls here in Cyprus are covered with spritz. The components within this mixture are normally  white cement, grit and a colouring agent. You may not realize but this mixture is extremely porous and is a major contributor to damp problems here in Cyprus. There are no ‘damp proofing’ additives in the spritz mixture therefore water that lands on the surface will soak straight in to the wall. (For more information please visit our damp proofing section)



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alt="Lightning Protection"
Lightning and Surge Protection

October usually brings on the first of the thunderstorms of the season this can bring trouble to many properties causing structural damage and very often damage to electronic equipment.


We are Qualified and have been contracted to install Furse Structural lightning protection systems and ESP, Electronic Systems Protection (surge and spike protection) for many years now here in Cyprus, We will need to survey the property and then from this survey we can design a custom system that will protect your property and its electronic components and yes that means your plasma TV and expensive computer. All of our work is carried out to BS EN 62305 Standards.


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