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Featured Services for the Spring and Summer Season

For enquires about our featured services please contact Steve during office hours via call or text on

 00357 99900696

or email us at any time via our contact page

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Air Conditioning servicing


It is vital that Air Conditioning systems are serviced regularly to ensure efficient running, this will help to keep your electricity bills lower but more importantly it will keep the  units in good working order, and will maintain the correct refrigeration gas levels.


 Regular servicing will keep your units clean and disease free by stopping the growth and spread of micro organisms which can cause sinus problems and in extreme conditions diseases such as legionnaires.

Properly serviced Air conditioning will have a positive effect on allergies like hay fever and asthma. If your system is maintained correctly it can help people with respiratory problems in times of serious heat waves.


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alt="Internal Decorating"
Internal Decorating


The Beauty of a Home comes from within. It is reflected by stylish designs & colourful inspiration.

 Beautiful Homes need the Professional touch

Let us provide you with the Beauty your Home Richly Deserves

The best finish starts with training and our painters and decorators are all trained and time served professionals. And remember a professional's experience is invaluable. Your choice of painter is as important as your choice of paint.

Let us show you why this is


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