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Internal  Painting & Decorating



Respect for your property

 A persons Home is a sacred place and is always treated as such. Possessions and belongings we will ask you to remove whilst the project is underway any objects that cannot be easily moved are carefully covered and protected.

We have ladders, steps and towers that make our job safe and easier to perform; we will only work in a safe environment.



To gain that wonderful finish a considerable amount of time must be spent in the preparation of walls and ceilings. The fundamentals of good preparation are selecting the correct filling products, correctly filling and binding cracks, sanding, filling, sanding and so on until the area is ready for the paint.

When we are satisfied that the preparation is perfect the paint can then be applied. Two to three coats of paint are typically applied and any further blemishes are attended to. Cutting the paint in, rolling the pain on, and laying the paint off this goes on until the finish is once again, Perfect!!


Wall Paper Hanging & Border Application

There is not much call for paperhanging here in Cyprus due to the high humidity. But trends are changing. Even so, our company is equipped and trained for this task.

Doors windows and shutters

Doors and windows in Cyprus take quite a battering from the sun, wind and rain. The type of material that they are made out of is the key to their life expectancy.
UPVC and powder-coated aluminium frames will tend to last longer and usually do not need any maintenance.
However timber frames will need the most maintenance, a coat of stain or external gloss every year is usually enough to protect them, providing the timber is properly prepared and dry. Otherwise the moisture left in the wood will expand in the heat and cause peeling or blistering.


Stain & Gloss

It would seem to be common practice in Cyprus to paint door frames with very little preparation. Quite often you will see the knots coming through the finished Gloss paintwork (oval shaped brown marks).

We always prepare the wood for decorating, by applying a good knotting solution to stabilize the sap within the wood, priming, undercoat and then sanding down between each layer. This will ensure a smooth finish. Finally a high quality gloss is applied, this way we end up with a stunning finish.


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