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For enquires about our Mould removal services please contact Ady during office hours via call or text on

 00357 99756846

or email us at any time via our contact page



The problem of mould in our homes in Cyprus can be a real worry unfortunately this is a growing problem literally!

Mould can destroy our clothing, furniture and health - if left untreated for long enough it will actually damage the structure of the property itself.

….It goes without saying that mould will also affect our health…

We have become involved with the removal and treatment of moulds in many homes it is closely linked to our damp proofing and prevention systems.

The removal of mould Can be a daunting prospect especially if no protection is used for your clothes or your lungs and can lead on to health problems later in life. Don’t risk it use a professional.

If you have a problem with mould please contact us we can safely remove it and get your furniture professionally cleaned and your home back to normal



Damp and mould are as common here in Cyprus as the Mercedes,  Poor building structures and damp problems all add up to mould growth. This is a problem if left untreated will develop into a situation where the occupants are at risk of health problems and even the building itself can become sick.


Most of the mould problems are due to poor building standards. Leaky pipes, no damp proof courses, and poor ventilation, will cause damp problems and this will enviably lead on to mould growth.


Mould is very unsightly, but not always dangerous, lab testing can tell us what type of mould it is, and how toxic it is, this can then help us with its  safe removal.


Small patches of mould can be scrubbed away with some household items by the occupants and it can be kept under reasonable control but  if left unchecked will spread rapidly.


Please read on.

Mould Removal in Paphos Cyprus

alt=" Mouldy bathroom ceiling before treatment"
What Causes Mould


Mould is everywhere and that is a fact, tiny microscopic spores are blown on the wind and floating around waiting for somewhere to land and when the conditions are right they will grow into visible organisms. For  mould to grow it needs a source of food usually what ever it has landed on wood, fabric, paint, plaster, dust, just about anything that it can get nourishment from. Mould likes to be in the dark because it can’t grow under ultraviolet light, it needs moisture from condensation, damp from within walls and ceilings wet cloth and fabric.  Mould also, like us, needs oxygen and warmth and finally time to grow and spread.


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Mould Testing

There are many types of mould they are mostly defined by their colour, Black Mould, Grey Mould, White Mould, and Brown Mould ECT. However the colour does not always tell us if a mould is harmful, to find this out usually requires a mould sample to be tested to see if it is toxic. Exposure to mould can be harmful to animals and to us likewise. Mould is usually taken into the body by inhaling it unless you have eaten it of course and it can have hazardous effects causing numerous health problems.


It goes without saying that mould is a hazard and should be removed and tested we can offer this service once we have surveyed your property.


We have gathered some useful information regarding mould and safety please follow the link below.


alt=" Lab testing for mould toxicity"
alt="Safe removal of Mould Infestation"
Professional Mould Removal


To maintain the health of your property established mould must be removed. Once our technician has surveyed and tested the mould the process of removing may begin. it starts with fixing any damp problems i.e. rising damp, broken water pipes or even fitting better ventilation so that the cause of the mould growth can be eliminated to prevent any further occurrences or re growth.


Depending on the level of the contamination mould removal can be expensive and require trained technicians this can sometimes involve having to remove structural objects such as wardrobes and kitchen units and drywalls.


 large areas of mould should always be removed by a professional because the airborne contamination is greater and special procedures must be followed.



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