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Central Heating testimonial

Testimonial for Cyprus Homecare

Living quiet high up near the village of Koili we decided central heating would be a good idea for our villa. Having decided on a gas system we obtained several quotes. Cyprus Homecare were very competitive and because we had been impressed with the way they had serviced our AC units previously, we opted for them. We were not disappointed they have done a first class job in which they had to overcome the poor quality piping provisions the developer had left us with. We now have a good CH system provided by a discrete fully automated boiler. Cyprus Homecare provides a level of expertise and service that you would expect from regulated UK service providers, we quickly realized that they really knew what they were doing and had a particular emphasis on the safety of the products they installed for us. Whether it be plumbing, heating, electrics, decorating or repair you can expect clear communication, a friendly team of workers and above all the reassurance that they work to approved UK standards of installation. Robin and Isobel Barber  (Zelemenos, Nr Koili)

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