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From Bad to Good!

September 2006 I have never written a testimonial before, but for Cyprus Home Care, I’m more than happy to. I bought an old 3 bedroom property just outside Paphos and although it was structurally sound, it needed a lot of modernization. Purely from word of mouth I got the name, ‘Cyprus Home Care’ off a neighbor who had had some garden lighting done. I gave them a call and that same day they made time to visit me and go through what needed doing, a bit of a list I can assure you. Three and a half weeks later, my run down old house was nothing short of amazing, even my wife was stunned with the detail. As much as I would like to take credit for the way my home now looks and feels, it truly belongs to Steve and Adrian, their suggestions and commitment to quality will never be forgotten. Pop round anytime lads, there will always be a cool beer waiting for you.. All the best, Phill and Rachel.

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