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Kind Words From a Lovely Couple

We made a visit up into the hills to Millia to attend to an oil fired boiler that was feeling a bit under the weather. We met Jacqueline and Norbert who have had trouble in the past with it cutting out, being noisy, and using lots of oil! We set to with our beloved Henry hoover and boiler brush and cleared out years of soot and debris along with a small charred bird that sadly got into the flue. The correct burner nozzle was fitted, the oil pressure and air setting were adjusted for the correct combustion, the sight tube on the oil tank was replaced and a set of new oil delivery hoses installed.

That evening I received a lovely message from Jacqueline thanking us for our work

You really impressed me today with your professional work and your open-minded manner.
In the 11 years we have been living in Cyprus we have NEVER experienced such a professional and friendly way of working. This is the kind of customer service that is sadly dying out in today's superficial world. These lines should help all doubters to turn to Steve and his team with confidence. Norbert & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts I wish you and your wife a pleasant evening. Jacqueline

Jacqueline and Norbert were supplied with a 'Service Record Book' for their future servicing (useful for showing potential buyers that the boiler has been looked after) and they subscribed to our newsletter for reminders and general info that we like to share.

Thank you guys it was our pleasure Steve and the Team.

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