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Help us to find you quickly and easily


We have found a way of finding our customers via wiki map.


Using this on line map and marking your property we can find you easily with a few steps!

Step 1, Let's find your Propery


Please click the button




You should now see a map of Cyprus in a new window like the picture below.


Now move the map for the area that you live in to the center of your screen and then slowly zoom in (you can use your mouse or the navigation buttons on the screen) it can sometimes take a few seconds to for the image to appear.



When you recognise where you live zoom in as close as you can get, keeping your property in the center of the screen with the(+)cursor above the property (Ignore the faded map and messages plastered across the screen, we will still find you)



Step 2, Sending your location back to us

Now that the cursor is over your property the last little job is to look at the address bar (it is usually at the very at the top of your screen) this has your coordinates in it.


Example, this one is for Paphos Castle







This is your Address bar

Using the mouse, hover the cursor over the address bar and left click to highlight the address,

When the address is highlighted in blue…… right click…..and click copy (in the little menu box that appeared)


It should look like this


Now the last thin to do is to copy the coordinates into the form below in the box marked location,  and then fill out the other required information

Success! Message received.

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