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Why Are Testimonials So Powerful And Important?


“Nothing is more powerful – and empowering – than the testimony of an individual. It's a personal acknowledgment of realization...and commitment and triumph.

Testimonials assert firsthand authentication of fact through personal experience. They serve as evidence.

Thank you –


Robert Kiyosaki

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Number 1 seller for over six years on the “New York Times,

Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today” Business best sellers lists. With over 28 million copies sold


Wouldn’t you also agree that the power of Testimonials and the Word of Mouth are important?


….We do….


Our company has been built on this trust

Built on Reputation.


Here is a selection of Testimonials given to us by some of our Valued Customers.


Please take the time to read their own personal experiences






Testimonial for Cyprus Homecare

Living quiet high up near the village of Koili we decided central heating would be
a good idea for our villa.

Having decided on a gas system we obtained several quotes. Cyprus Homecare were very competitive and because we had been impressed with the way they had serviced our AC units previously, we opted for them. We were not disappointed they have done a first class job in which they had to overcome the poor quality piping provisions the developer had left us with. We now have a good CH system provided by a discrete fully automated boiler.

Cyprus Homecare provides a level of expertise and service that you would expect from regulated UK service providers, we quickly realized that they really knew what they were doing and had a particular emphasis on the safety of the products they installed for us.

Whether it be plumbing, heating, electrics, decorating or repair you can expect clear communication, a friendly team of workers and above all the reassurance that they work to approved UK standards of installation.

Robin and Isobel Barber  (Zelemenos, Nr Koili)

A thank you email from Graham Jones in souni for his central heating


Steve I would like to say on behalf of Derek to you and your pal Graham, thanks for a good job and have passed on your card to one of the other residents in Country Rose.  I am trusting that when it comes to using the system in ernest all will work well.  Have also advised Derek that he or the new residents should contact you when they come to purchase the first fill of gas, so the gas tank and system can be purged correctly and safely


Thanks again


Lloyd Owens,

Director of pool and patio, Paphos


My wife and I have used you two guys over the three or four years that we have been living out here in Cyprus.  I Must say that you are the epitome of professionalism, good service and care and attention to detail.


With regard to Steve, there has never been an electrical problem that he has not been able to solve.  And we've had a few electrical problems in our time! Steve's workmanship is thorough, methodical and tidy...he works the way that all electrical tradesmen should work...but all too many don't.  Prices are very fair too...and much less than we have been

charged in the distant past, by tradesmen who didn't come close to Steve in terms of ability and quality of workmanship.


And when it comes to decorating, no-one but no-one can touch Ady!  I must be one of the fussiest of customers - a professional decorator's nightmare - and over the past forty years, I've got through a lot of painters and decorators. Usually they do one job...and then never again.  Ady is the only one who works the way that I do...and gives the same care and attention to detail as I do.  That's why we keep coming back to him.


…Full marks to both of you….  Anyone who offers customers the kind of service you two guys do is bound to succeed.  And you will!


Best regards


Lloyd Owens

Colin and Margaret Wright Agios Neofytos Pafos


Steve first made an appearance at our home on recommendation of Graham Matchett, the plumber we inherited from the previous owners of our house.


We had legions of work to be done and Steve has ploughed his way through the endless requests of 'is it possible to ......'.


Double sockets, extra sockets, garden lighting, wall lights, alcove lights, doorbells, phone line (which Cyta won't do!) kitchen up lighting and down lighting - and turned up one morning after a pathetic call from me late the previous night when we had a waterfall running down the stairs and through the electrical box in the house during a wonderful thunderstorm. Steve had assured me that the electricity wouldn't turn itself back on again and set the house on fire, so arrived in the morning to reassure me and check it was all drying out. Over and above the call of duty!


Ady and Ann have painted downstairs, and between them, moved all of the furniture and put it all back again. I went away and left them to it when the stairwell and upstairs hallway was being done and came back to find everything looking fantastic. They had taken photographs to make sure it all went back in the proper place and rehung the curtains. The dark green feature walls look great and eventually we all agreed that it 'worked'. Ye of little faith. I had a vision!


I have stopped recommending the brothers to make sure they are available when I need work done! Call me selfish, but it's hard to find reliable efficient tradesmen these days who you can trust.


Jerry and Sandra Stobbs secret valley 2007


We have used Cyprus Homecare frequently over the past couple of years, for

jobs ranging from electrical work and plumbing, to internal and external

decoration and property maintenance. Work has always been carried out to a

very high standard, and although Steve and Ady have a busy schedule, they

have been able to respond quickly and efficiently to all of our emergencies,

and we have no hesitation in recommending them."


Best wishes



John and Lynda Hall Pafos 2007


When we first moved to Cyprus 2 years ago, we had no knowledge of local tradesman and so were extremely lucky to find Steve and Adrian from Cyprus Homecare. They were our first point of contact for all the jobs that needed doing in our home. If they couldn’t help, they knew someone who would and knowing the “cowboys” that are in and around the Paphos area, we were very grateful.


As their business expanded, we were able to recommend them to our friends who all find them professional, trustworthy, friendly, reliable and more than helpful. Their expertise has been invaluable to us whether it’s fixing a power cut to fitting a new ball valve and even once sorting out pigeon problems for us.


The best thing of all is that they turn up when they say they will and fix the problem there and then!!!!!!!!!!!  So, when we need a job doing and doing properly, we know who to call.

Solonos 3                                                     



August 21st 2007

To any Potential Customers of Cyprus Homecare

We have used Cyprus Homecare for all our electrical needs for over 3 years now and on every occasion we have been entirely satisfied with their standard of workmanship, reliability and costs. We have every confidence in Steve and Ady and would have NO HESITATION in recommending Cyprus Homecare, in fact we have on numerous occasions and I know everyone we recommend them to feel the same!

Roger and Elaine Humphrey

George and Sarah, Aphrodite hills

Dear Cyprus homecare

I have had to put pen to paper or in this case keyboard to email to thank you for the superb work carried out in re sealing my flat roof here in Aphrodite Hills.

You have fixed what others couldn’t!!!. I couldn’t believe that you went to the trouble of lifting all the water tanks, sealing off the faulty drainpipes in my walls (which have caused so much trouble in the past.) and installing new external ones. You’ve re-placed the roof equipment on heavy duty slabs so as not to pierce the new roof sealant and all done in the dreadfully hot weather Wow!!!.

I know your estimate was more expensive than others but it was  less then some. I feel that by not being cheap when it comes to this kind of professional work you will get a lasting job done. Can you please come next year and paint the outside of my house as I have seen the superb job you have done at the house next door

Thank you again

George and Sarah 

From Bad to Good!


September 2006


I have never written a testimonial before, but for Cyprus Home Care, I’m more than happy to.


I bought an old 3 bedroom property just outside Paphos and although it was structurally sound, it needed a lot of modernization. Purely from word of mouth I got the name, ‘Cyprus Home Care’ off a neighbor who had had some garden lighting done. I gave them a call and that same day they made time to visit me and go through what needed doing, a bit of a list I can assure you.

Three and a half weeks later, my run down old house was nothing short of amazing, even my wife was stunned with the detail.


As much as I would like to take credit for the way my home now looks and feels, it truly belongs to Steve and Adrian, their suggestions and commitment to quality will never be forgotten. Pop round anytime lads, there will always be a cool beer waiting for you..


All the best,


Phill and Rachel.

Liz and ken Watson Pegia

Agapiou Zakka Street


26th October 2007


Dear Steve


I wanted to write to you to thank you for the work you did at our house. 


We have been in this house almost 5 years and the pool light has not worked from almost the moment go.  We have had a number of people look at it, but still it did not work.  You have worked some sort of miracle as it has been fantastic.  I can now swim at night in a pool which has light, fantastic.


Also the work you did in the kitchen was superb.  It has made a fantastic difference as the lighting was pretty inadequate.  I really love the lighting under the units.


You did a number of other jobs at the house and I can’t thank you enough.  Also please pass on my thanks to your very able assistant Kelvin.


Thank you once again.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to find a good electrician.


Best Regards


Liz & Ken Watson

George in Paphos 2004


Dear Adrian


Thank you for treating that awful powdery damp problem we had here it has been done now for 2 years and there are no signs of it coming back. At long last some one has done what they said they would do without all the usual excuses and the Cyprus shrug we all know so well.


George in Pafos 2004

David and Cathy Lester Pegia

Kaminion street

June 2005

Dear Adrian,

Thank you very much indeed for your excellent work on our house. We are delighted with the quality of the decoration and all the other jobs you completed on our behalf. It was kind of you to take so much care with all that had to be done including clearing up, working tidily, and keeping the schedule.

We will recommend you to our friends as someone who is honest, trustworthy and to be relied upon for doing a first-class job.

Many thanks and all best wishes,

David and Cathy


Agios Dimitrianos 8741


Cyprus HomeCare


18th March 2008


Dear Steve,


You came to our rescue!

Firstly, fitting a much needed lightning conductor system and surge protector to our remote and exposed house.

Secondly, correcting the multiple electrical faults we encountered on taking over our house, some of which were serious and potentially dangerous

Thirdly, fitting and rewiring our own lights, fitting dimmers, ceiling fans ect., and pool area lighting.

The care and attention to detail (including finishing), and the reliable friendly service, were a welcome relief.

Thank you to you and your team for a professional job and for giving us peace of mind.


Kind regards,


Yours sincerely


Nick and Mardi Lambert


My Property Dream: The Magic Make-over


By Virginia Waite
(Journalist for the Observer) 2004



It took four weeks to transform a one-bedroom ground floor apartment in Paphos, Cyprus, from a shabby bolthole into a little jewel. Its 46 meters comprise living room, kitchen, hall bathroom and bedroom

The patio adds another 20 to that figure and looks out on a sea view and beach two hundred yards away.

I found the makeover team by accosting the first British person I saw. And that struck gold. She was Zoe, maid-of -all-work, whose husband is Martin, sidekick to Graham, running a plumbing company, and keen scuba diver with boat.

They size up the job the next day and send me off to buy washing machine and dishwasher. The electrical goods store apologizes that as it's early closing they can't deliver until tomorrow.

This is better than the 48hours the bedroom furniture people needed, but can't beat the fridge-freezer which was wheeled out of the shop, loaded into the van and driven straight to the apartment, with me as passenger.

The white goods come as promised, coinciding with the arrival of Steve, the electrician ( recommended by Graham ), who sensibly brings his brother Adrian , painter and decorator with him. Both are scuba-divers.

The brothers "stopped off" in Cyprus on motorbikes three years ago, whilst travelling around Europe on an exciting adventure. The brotherly work dovetails nicely and they often give each other a hand.

Complete re-wiring is needed. Steve supplies the technical bits and I am to buy light fittings, bulbs and shades.

Adrian weighs up the paint and materials he needs and decides what the carpenters need to do before he starts. Of course his chums Mark and Tom are the carpentry answer.

I taxi to Woolworth's and its lighting department and buy for the kitchen, hall

bedroom and patio helped by Paul whop gives me a 15 percent discount because Steve is his chum.

Graham and Martin, with a large van which is their travelling workshop, redo

The bathroom, shower, pipes, taps and valves and remake the kitchen, reversing the taps as previous plumber had hot water flowing out of the cold tap, and then put in fitments for clothes and dishwashers.

Grahams chum Zercon, arrives to discuss air-conditioning in the bedroom, and calls his son to bring the unit and everything else needed. They install the whole thing in 45 minutes, including drilling through the wall to connect the compressor on the outside.

I'm off the next day to another lighting emporium to meet John, Paul's chum ( do try to keep up, Paul is the lighting man at Woolworth's). I buy fittings for the bathroom, and living room, including a handsome punkah fan. Its all half price.

Then it's the big plumbing day, starting with hoisting by crane from Graham's

pantechnicon on to the roof of the three-storey building two water tanks, a steel cradle to hold them and a solar heating panel.

Graham ("without a safety net!") and martin remove the old and install the new in two and a half hours. Then they plumb in the clothes and dish washers, fix the outside tap and secure with copper piping the water softener to the meter in the garage. I disconnect this on leaving so that others cannot tap into my water at my expense.

Finishing tasks include extending and hiding with cement a waste pipe from the apartment above, which has been spilling on to my doorstep. Plumbing time: two and-a-half days.

Maid-of-all work Zoe does a half stage clean up.

Next day the living room furniture is moved out on to the patio, and passers-by ask if I'm having a car boot sale . this procedure is repeated in the next couple of weeks.

Steve begins re-wiring using noisy dusty angle grinder to "chase in" the walls.

Brother Adrian comes by later to lend a hand. This pattern is also repeated, sometimes the work not ending until 20.00.

The wiring is hidden, there are many many double points, the light fittings look super and Steve concluded by fixing light in bathroom cabinet, and replacing doorbell and switch.

Electrician's time: three and-a-half days. With help from brother Adrian .

Mark and tom ,the carpentry team, estimate and deliver. Tom works concurrently with Steve, who also installs the cooker

Tom adds shelves in kitchen cupboards, makes stand for the microwave using an old worktop, puts wooden plates at base of front door to mask rotten wood, boxes in kitchen sink area and removes doors of four kitchen cabinets.

By the following afternoon, with more wood delivery, Tom has made and rehung the cabinet doors, and put up four long shelves in the living room.

Carpentry time; two days

Adrian, the painter, begins his monster task, handing me colour charts to choose the stain for the bookshelves. He fills in walls and ceiling where necessary, stains and varnishes the new items and refreshes the lovely carved beams and panels.

His personal saying is "another coat won't do any harm."

Painting/decorating time: 11 days

The front door with its new brass numbers and fresh stain dries and Zoe cleans every inch of the apartment.

Next time around Adrian will refresh the furniture: sofa bed, two armchairs, coffee table, dining table and chairs. Zoe will plant a herb garden in the earth patch on the patio. Then there will be a team party.