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We often hear from new comers to Cyprus “you don’t need gas central heating in Cyprus it’s near the middle east” strangely enough after a winter or two here they enquire about a heating system. Now there are various ways to heat your home in Cyprus ranging from electric radiators, mobile gas fires, real fires and log burners to the good old gas central heating system.


We are a company that has been installing gas central heating for over 30 years in Cyprus and in England. The gas type in Cyprus is LPG ‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’ not ‘Low Pressure Gas' believed by many. The system here consists of a storage cylinder a boiler, radiators and connecting piping an electrical control system. Most new houses have the provisional pipe work already installed in readiness for the second fix equipment. However there are lots of homes with no provisions installed.

Gas And Oil Central Heating Systems in Paphos Cyprus

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 Central Heating Installations


A Typical installation


We will visit the property for a survey, this enables us to correctly calculate the heat requirement of the property taking into account various factors, the radiator sizes are calculated and the boiler is chosen, we typically use Baxi Boilers for gas installations.


If provisions are not installed the pipe runs have to be planned and calculated. We will always try to hide the piping however most of the time the pipes have to be run outside, they are insulated and enclosed in trunking for the sake of tidiness.

The radiators are fitted to the walls in their appropriate positions and the pipes are connected to them. We fit thermostatic radiator valves to give optimal control.

The boilers are usually installed within an out building of some description if there is no building available then we will have a fire proof aluminum one fabricated solely for the boiler.


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Central Heating Servicing


Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Poorly maintained or faulty boilers present a serious health risk to you and your family, because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


We can service both oil and gas boilers and set up a planned maintenance program to keep them in good order. Boiler servicing should be carried out at least once a year this will ensure that it will be ready for when the cool weather is upon us.


We carry out a full central heating systems check and boiler service as the normal. This involves a complete boiler service, cleaning and checking various switches, sensors and control devices. We also check radiator valves, bleed radiators, electrical controls and make sure that everything is in working order.


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Central Heating servicing reminder notifications and record book

If you wish to be reminded about your boiler servicing just fill in the form for the newsletter below in the footer. We send out reminders at the beginning of each season along with hints and tips for better fuel consumption, important info for hassle free maintenance and so on.

We have also developed a record book for your servicing which is handy for knowing when it was last done it also acts as proof for if you wish to sell the property that the system has bee looked after.

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Central Heating Breakdowns


Sometimes things just breakdown for the hell of it ,this also goes for our boilers and central heating systems and it usually happen when you least expect to. We deal with breakdowns almost on a daily basis. With boiler systems there are lots of things that can and will go wrong. We can deal with these problems and will get you up and running as soon as possible.


Some of the problems are very simple to deal with such as a ‘low water pressure’ situation where the water pressure has dropped below the boilers working threshold possibly due to evaporation or a minor leak. Also electrical components can become faulty and electronic components can de grade due to spikes and surges. Mechanical wear can also become part of the problem. We do have good suppliers of spare parts but sometimes we may need to order parts from the UK and get hem shipped over.


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"powerflush  services in paphos"

Power-Flushing Central Heating Systems

So what is Power-Flushing and why will this help me?

Central heating systems tend to clog up after a while especially with lots of use, (and even more so if there is a leak) this will lead to central heating systems that are noisy and inefficient, there will be areas of the house that may not work at all or you may find radiators that just do not seem to heat up very well.

During the life of a heating system debris and rust will form within the system due to bacteria that feed on the oxygen present in the water, this bacteria will excrete particles that form a black sludge, eventually this builds up in the radiators creating cool spots and blockages in pipes and boiler, this can lead to banging and very poor performance.

Power-Flushing is a powerful way of removing this sludge, a Fernox cleaner is introduced to the water and the system is run for a while to activate the chemicals loosening the blocked areas then we will use a power-flushing machine to get rid of all of the sludge flushing it away.

After the power-flush is completed we will add an inhibitor to the system to prevent the future build-up of sludge.

The heating efficiency will be greatly improved, the pump will not have to work so hard and the radiators will come up to temperature more quickly saving you money on heating fuel.

Systems that are over ten years old would benefit from power-flushing.

Please contact us for more details.


LPG Gas Delivery in the Paphos Area

"Lpg  Gas supplies in cyprus"


Contact Details:
Intergaz Ltd
Larnaca-Dhekelia Rd.
P.O. Box 40365,
6303 Larnaca

Customer Service:   7777 0606

Tel: 00357 24 821 666
Fax: 00357 24 635 789



Heating Oil Delivery in the Paphos Area

"Heating oil supplies in cyprus"

ESSO Heating Oil delivery

Tomb of The Kings Road

Charilaos Daniel

Tel: 00357 26933861

mob:00357 99699160

Fax:00357 26953611

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