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Gas Upgrades in Paphos Cyprus

Gas and Oil Safety for your Boiler and your Property

Many of you have received e-mails from your gas delivery company concerning certification of gas cylinders. This isn't something to worry about and has been gradually phased in across Cyprus and is now happening in the Paphos region. We will do what we can to help.

 Central Heating Systems

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and in that time there have been many changes here we have seen new laws implemented regarding motoring, hospitality and safety. Although it seems to take some time for changes to come into effect, they are happening. In our niche we are seeing upgrades in the heating and air conditioning industry, all new air conditioning units have to be inverters, and all new boilers have to be condensing. This is mostly because of the European recommendations for carbon foot print reduction and global warming.


What I would like to address here is LPG Gas and heating oil safety and how to upgrade in readiness for the inspectors, In our time here we have seen some shocking installations that blatantly flout all the rules and compromise fire safety and environmental issues. This is now being picked up by the department for health and safety in Nicosia. Since Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 new legislation's have been issued to get Cyprus in line with the rest of the block.


This year we have seen some of the first of the safety inspections for LPG central heating systems and we have been called out to rectify some in readiness for Gas safety certificates, At some stage all heating systems, gas or oil will need a certificate and it is possible that you may need to produce this to get heating fuel.


Here are some examples of what they are looking for (Regarding LPG). The gas storage cylinder, whether brand new or old, will have to be inspected, and a certificate issued by an authorised, independent company. They require various safety devices on the gas supply line. The correct flexible gas hose has to be fitted between the cylinder and the gas line for earthquake protection (a solid pipe could rupture) along with ‘fire-breakers’ and electrical safety equipment. They also require gas detectors with auto shutoff valves among other things.


Oil boilers will also need to be safe too, this will mean that oil storage tanks will have to be installed outside, sited at ground level and contained within a surrounding spillage wall, not next to the boiler as we find on so many occasions, and you have to ask what were the installers thinking when they installed them like this? I dread to think what would happen in the event of a fire. Many of the oil lines are piped with PVC pipe (not good in a fire situation) and also most are missing the fire safety valve that should be fitted by the boiler. I think the worst thing I have seen is oil storage tanks on the roof of the boiler houses. One customer commented to me that there was a huge wild fire that raged up the hill towards his house and it worried him that the tank might catch fire; I honestly dread to think what would happen if it did.

Please not that we are not approved inspectors but we will do all we can in readiness for them. Your Gas supplier should then inform you of the next steps needed for inspection and approval.

Below is a copy of the e mail sent by Intergaz.

Re: The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 2021
(Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of LPG Installations)

Dear customer,
This is to inform you that as from 1st September 2022, the above legislation came into effect, which refers to the duties and responsibilities of the Owner, the Installer and the User of a gas tank and installations.

Based on the new legislation, all premises using LPG must obtain an Installation Certificate issued by an Approved LPG Inspector. Therefore, LPG Users must take all necessary actions to obtain this certificate. You may find the list of approved inspectors uploaded on the website of the Department of Labour Inspections.

For your convenience, Intergaz will be carrying out an inspection campaign in collaboration with approved Inspectors to check the LPG installations at our customers' premises and secure a Certificate of Conformity. The findings resulting from the inspector’s report will be circulated to you and if it is deemed necessary to proceed with any upgrades to the LPG installations, you will be notified of the estimated cost. Our customers will benefit a discount on the total cost of such upgrades. The Certificate of Conformity shall be renewed every four (4) or six (6) years, depending on the Category of the Installations.
Intergaz Ltd, as a supplier company, has Legal responsibility and will be prohibited by law to deliver LPG to facilities that have not obtained the above-mentioned certificate.

The Inspection campaign will be carried out gradually, aiming to meet the deadlines for harmonizing our customers with the new legislation and you will be informed in advance via phone call. In case there is a necessity to accelerate the process (i.e., final property approval permit), please contact us sooner.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding and we remain at your disposal for any clarifications.
Intergaz Ltd






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