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Air Conditioning Servicing.


It is vital that Air Conditioning systems are serviced regularly to ensure efficient running, this will help to keep your electricity bills lower but more importantly it will keep the  units in good working order, and will maintain the correct refrigeration gas levels.


 Regular servicing will keep your units clean and disease free by stopping the growth and spread of micro organisms which can cause sinus problems and in extreme conditions diseases such as legionnaires.

Properly serviced Air conditioning will have a positive effect on allergies like hay fever and asthma. If your system is maintained correctly it can help people with respiratory problems in times of serious heat waves.


alt="Cyprus HomeCare Full Servicing Record Books"

What should a service include?


There are many individuals and companies that believe a service consists of lifting the cover, shaking the filters and spraying some disinfectant inside. There is actually a little bit more to it then that!


We have a set routine which covers a checklist, starting with the indoor unit

The covers are totally removed and taken into the bathroom where they are washed down and dried. The condense catchment tray if possible is removed and also washed.


Once we have access to the rotary fan assembly we then thoroughly deep clean the fan blades, over time the fan will collect a serious amount of dust and dirt.  We have a special machine that is guaranteed to remove and disinfect 99.9% of the dirt and bugs. We would appear to be the only company in Cyprus using this method. (naturally we are reluctant to reveal our secret because we know that our competitors will be watching, I guess our secret will eventually get out  but for now mums the word.)

The evaporator fins are also deep cleaned the system is then re assembled, extra disinfectant and drain treatments are applied.


The outdoor unit is then thoroughly cleaned all the moving parts are checked. The most important part is the checking the refrigerant levels this is not as simple as it looks it’s not just a case of checking the pressure, the pressure / temperature relationship must be correct. Otherwise the unit may be over or under charged leading to damaged compressors.

Air Conditioning  Servicing Reminders.

If you wish to be reminded about your air conditioning servicing just fill in the form for the newsletter below in the footer. We send out reminders at the beginning of each season along with hints and tips for better energy consumption, important info for hassle free maintenance and so on.

We have also developed a record book for your servicing which is handy for knowing when it was last done it also acts as proof for if you wish to sell the property that the system has bee looked after.

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