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Check out our energy saving devices that we can install to reduce your electricity bills. Our night savers and key fob control systems are very popular devices for preventing the over use of air conditioning units in holiday let homes, now there’s a good idea wouldn’t you agree?

Our planned maintenance program is designed to take the hassle out of remembering when you last had your air conditioning serviced.It’s important that these items are regularly serviced, don’t you think?  Re-gassing air conditioning will keep them running efficiently saving you money.


Cyprus is not just about the summertime listening the radio on the beach. The winters can get quite cool such as, to the point that you may want to install gas central heating or perhaps just get the old oil or gas boiler serviced, so you can stay toasty and warm.


The winter is also a good time to get those outside jobs done such as removing that obsolete satellite dish, putting down that crazy paving, and maybe getting that fence painted or stained. It is also a great time to check if your flat roof needs re sealing. Maybe the outside of your house needs painting and sealing to give you maximum protection from damp and mould.


We have links to other useful websites where you can find out more information about some of the subjects we cover.


What ever the problem is we will try to find you a solution!




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