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Central Heating Servicing

Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Poorly maintained or faulty boilers present a serious health risk to you and your family, because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


We can service both oil and gas boilers and set up a planned maintenance program to keep them in good order. Boiler servicing should be carried out at least once a year this will ensure that it will be ready for when the cool weather is upon us.


We carry out a full central heating systems check and boiler service as the normal. This involves a complete boiler service, cleaning and checking various switches, sensors and control devices. We also check radiator valves, bleed the air from radiators, electrical controls and make sure that everything is in working and safe order.


With Boiler servicing we will typically carry out the following,


Oil Boilers


  • Cleaning of burner assembly

  • Clean and check the cast iron heat exchange

  • Clean or replace internal / external fuel filters

  • Clean  or replace the burner nozzle

  • Check combustion and emissions

  • Check safety devices

  • Check system pumps and water pressure

  • Check pressure valves and auto air vents

  • Check general operation


Gas Boilers


  • Cleaning of burner assembly housing

  • Clean and check the heat exchange

  • Check combustion and emissions

  • Check gas pressures

  • Check safety devices

  • Check system pumps and water pressure

  • Check general operation


In addition we can flush the water system to improve the heating efficiency this will help to clear blocked radiators valves and pumps.


 Service due reminders

If you wish to be reminded about your boiler servicing just fill in the form for the newsletter below in the footer. We send out reminders at the beginning of each season along with hints and tips for better fuel consumption, important info for hassle free maintenance and so on.

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