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A Question of safety - Case study


We were recently called out to a villa where the client reported getting electric shocks from her kitchen sink we eventually uncovered that the system did not have a connection to earth and a fault had developed. This caused every piece of metal connected to the systems earth to become live including the stainless steel lamp posts by the swimming pool  they have a 2 year old child and were extremely lucky that no one was killed….and NO the RCCB trip did not switch off.


The electrician in charge of the job and the local electricity company had both not seen this lethal problem.


With the up-surge of DIY and people re-inventing themselves into Electricians on arrival in Cyprus there are a lot of lethal problems being created.


 Do yourselves a favour and ask to see genuine qualifications.


Ours are displayed on our about us page.


alt="National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting"



The electrical system here in Southern Cyprus is installed to English standards, and in accordance with the IEE Wiring Regulations. Here at Cyprus Homecare we pride ourselves on the fact that all our electricians are fully trained to the current edition of the IEE wiring regulations and appropriate amendments.


Many homes and businesses experience electrical problems. We are here to minimize the impact to you, your guests and customers by attending promptly to the problem.

We can also attend to less essential tasks like Extra Sockets, Ceiling Fans, Security Lighting and little jobs that just make life easier.

For professional letting properties we can install energy saving devices to ensure that your guests do not leave on air conditioning units, water heaters and un- necessary electrical equipment saving you money and helping the environment.






Electricians in Paphos Cyprus

Lightning and Surge Protection


We are Qualified and have been contracted to install Furse Structural lightning protection systems and ESP, Electronic Systems Protection (surge and spike protection) for many years now here in Cyprus, We will need to survey the property and then from this survey we can design a custom system that will protect your property and its electronic components and yes that means your plasma TV and expensive computer. All of our work is carried out to BS EN 62305 Standards.


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Electrical Services

Installations,  breakdowns and Maintenance.

We also have experience in electrical- mechanical equipment such as:


  • Air conditioning units,

  • Central heating systems,

  • Water pressure pumps

  • Swimming pool pumps and control panels

  • Key fob Control for villas and apartments

  • Booster timers for air conditioning

  • Night timers for air conditioning

  • Fault Finding and electrical testing


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