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Lightning and Electronic Sytems Protection

Lightning and Surge Protection


We are Qualified and have been contracted to install Furse Structural lightning protection systems and ESP, Electronic Systems Protection (surge and spike protection) for many years now here in Cyprus, We will need to survey the property and then from this survey we can design a custom system that will protect your property and its electronic components and yes that means your plasma TV and expensive computer. All of our work is carried out to BS EN 62305 Standards.

Please contact Fedonas on 22352357 he will now carry out this work.



Case study

We are regularly called out to properties where the central heating system has failed my first question to the client is

“Did you have a power cut?”

usually the answer is” yes” and this is often when we didn’t have a storm. This means that when the power went off a very nasty spike was generated by the local transformer and was transmitted through the incoming power lines.


The first electronic device is the Residual Current Circuit Breaker RCCB (the grey trip outside in the wooden box with the meter) but because this doesn’t have an earth connected to it generally passes through, causing possible damage and degrading its delicate components. The spike will then find a path home to earth through your electronic devices


….”But I have a surge protector, I bought it from the local DIY store and I have a UPS for my computer” I hear you say,

 That may well be the case but how much did you pay for it - Ten or Twenty Euros?   Did you have to install a separate earth for it?   Many UPS systems do not have surge protection you would need to check with the manufacturer.


As you will find, they may not last too long and will only protect what is plugged into it. A good surge and lightning barrier will be in the range of a few hundred Euros and will divert spikes, surges & lightning strikes for many years whilst protecting your WHOLE property look at it as an insurance policy.


Case study 2

We were contracted to install a lightning conductor system in Armou near Paphos

The client informed us that he had been struck by lightning seven times in the past and it had caused damage almost every time leading to building repairs luckily a fire never happened.  On one occasion it had struck the supply cables and blew them off the wall, literally.

We installed a conductor system which ironically was put to the test the very next morning, we were told when the lightning struck the lightning conductor you could hear the power traveling through the conductor, he said, ‘It made sound like a drawn out ziiiing’, we inspected the installation a few hours later and could find no trace of damage except where the conductor changed direction, The connecting plate had been lifted from the wall, screw, plug and all.  This just proved that the strike was grounded in a controlled manner as per design and the structure was not damaged in any way.

Unfortunately surge protection was not installed and the client lost some electronic equipment. He was miffed to say the least and proceeded to move the satellite dish from the roof to the back garden. This just confirms that a combination of equipment must be installed to give complete protection.


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