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Testimonial for Cyprus HomeCare

Colin and Margaret Wright Agios Neofytos Pafos

Steve first made an appearance at our home on recommendation of Graham Matchett, the plumber we inherited from the previous owners of our house.

We had legions of work to be done and Steve has ploughed his way through the endless requests of 'is it possible to ......'.

Double sockets, extra sockets, garden lighting, wall lights, alcove lights, doorbells, phone line (which Cyta won't do!) kitchen up lighting and down lighting - and turned up one morning after a pathetic call from me late the previous night when we had a waterfall running down the stairs and through the electrical box in the house during a wonderful thunderstorm. Steve had assured me that the electricity wouldn't turn itself back on again and set the house on fire, so arrived in the morning to reassure me and check it was all drying out. Over and above the call of duty!

Ady and Ann have painted downstairs, and between them, moved all of the furniture and put it all back again. I went away and left them to it when the stairwell and upstairs hallway was being done and came back to find everything looking fantastic. They had taken photographs to make sure it all went back in the proper place and rehung the curtains. The dark green feature walls look great and eventually we all agreed that it 'worked'. Ye of little faith. I had a vision!

I have stopped recommending the brothers to make sure they are available when I need work done! Call me selfish, but it's hard to find reliable efficient tradesmen these days who you can trust.

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